Wednesday, 7 September 2011

22. Building An EEPROM Programmer (Part 3).

Ok So does it actually work. YES!

On linux you can check the data in the zx81.rom file by typing:
od -Ax -t x1 zx81.rom

Running the EERPROM Reader in Part 1, I can visually see that they look the same. As a final check I got the ERRPROM Reader to add all the bytes together (OK not the best way to check sum a file but I am not here to write a proper CRC checksum routine for the Arduino just now), and also wrote a C program to do the same on Linux called sum.c:

 int c,sum;
 while ((c=getchar()) != EOF) {
 printf("Checksum: %d\n",sum);

The final value came back as 855105 for both.


As a final check, I unplugged the Arduino removing power from the EEPROM in the process. Left it for a few minutes and then plugged that Arduino again restoring power to the EEPROM and reran the EEPROM Reader program. All data preserved and sum still the same.

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