Friday, 26 August 2011

16. Serial Killer App.

I got the USB to UART device yesterday. Works a treat. I'm glad I didn't decide to make my own, the CP2102 is so small the soldering would have been a nightmare. Although it did come with drivers for Windows, I don't have any File Transfer over Serial Port Software, but Linux does.

I downloaded the script from and installed the following package:
sudo apt-get install -y lrzsz

I then ran and it transfered a screenshot of the Xprotolab Oscilloscope:

It comes out black on white, so a little bit of image conversion:
convert -negate a.bmp b.bmp
and hey presto:

Now there is an interface that is in development for the PC using the same Serial connection. it still needs a bit of work, but so far its looking good. Check it out at

However for now, I'm happy with the screenshots from the oscilloscope. :D

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